Corporate Crush - Moxie Rose

Corporate Crush

By Moxie Rose

  • Release Date: 2021-06-07
  • Genre: Contemporary


No pants? No problems.

Hadley Bowman is killing it at this quarantine thing. Right up until the day she finds out that her sexy as sin boss is suddenly single. Now, with thoughts of all the wicked things she'd like to do to him running through her mind, she's started doing the one thing she never does...make mistakes. And if that's not bad enough, the world is beginning to return to normal, forcing Hadley to put her big girl panties on and deal with him…face to face.

The last thing Jensen Calloway wants after ending his engagement is another erratic woman, but when he catches his assistant on a Vroom call in some surprisingly chic granny panties, he devises the perfect punishment. An arrangement that soon backfires on them both and reminds him never to mix business with pleasure.

In the end, will Jensen break the real heart of his fake fiance?

*This is a sexy, hilarious romantic comedy that will possibly make you snort-laugh and swoon at the same time.