Fast Like a Girl - Dr. Mindy Pelz

Fast Like a Girl

By Dr. Mindy Pelz

  • Release Date: 2022-12-27
  • Genre: Nonfiction
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Fast Like a Girl Dr. Mindy Pelz

Summary : Fast Like a Girl

A go-to fasting manual created specifically to address women's needs based on their hormones and menstrual cycle by Dr. Mindy Pelz, a well-known expert on women and fasting, whose fast-growing YouTube channel has become the destination for women who want to learn about fasting. Also includes a 30-day fasting reset that uses the power of your cycle—even if you no longer have one! "I have never met someone that has more respect for the body and its innate intelligence to heal than Mindy. Her reverence for the body is met with an intense passion for helping people learn how to tap into it through the timing of fasting, eating, and detoxing. This way of living is the way of the future for all women if they want to truly thrive." — Danica Patrick, entrepreneur and former race car driver Are you among the many women who feel unheard and unseen by their doctors and health professionals? Have you become exhausted by the promise of quick-fix diets that only leave you disappointed? Well, in Fast Like a Girl, Dr. Mindy helps you to take back control of your health by using the quickest path back to better health—fasting. While most fasting advice has been a one-size-fits-all approach that leaves women with more questions than answers, in this book Dr. Mindy shares proven strategies, specific protocols to use if you are trying to overcome a condition, fasting hacks, and tools that she has used to help hundreds of thousands of women thrive with their fasting lifestyles. Dr. Mindy will teach you: · the right steps on how to go from eating all day to intermittent fasting (13-15 hours) · how to safely fast longer if you choose to do so (15-72 hours) · how to time fasting according to your menstrual cycle (although if you don't have a cycle, she has you covered) · the best foods to break your fast to achieve better metabolic health This book also includes more than 50 recipes based on the two food plans—ketobiotic and hormone feasting—she created to best support women&apos

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