Why Women Deserve Less (Unabridged) - Myron Gaines

Why Women Deserve Less (Unabridged)

By Myron Gaines

  • Release Date: 2023-04-21
  • Genre: Self-Development
  • © 2023 Myron Gaines

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Why Women Deserve Less (Unabridged) Myron Gaines

Summary : Why Women Deserve Less (Unabridged)

Every man alive today faces a paradox.

Your hardwired biological programming is screaming at you to get girls, get laid, and inevitably start a family.

However, today’s women could not be less interested in today’s men.

In times past, this was not the case. Men and women needed each other, and as a consequence would team up to form families. Families that would not only provide love, purpose, and meaning in life, but would be the foundation that all of society and civlization was built upon. But the perfect political and economic storm has formed that has liberated women from men, making it so women no longer need men to survive. And what every man alive today in the first world is witnessing is how truly little interest women have in men.

Do you ever wonder why a girl stood you up? Or why your mom divorced your dad? What about when your girlfriend suddenly broke up with you or started throwing a tantrum? Or perhaps your wife left you and took your kids? Why, in general, does it feel like pulling teeth to get girls to do anything? These things aren’t “bad luck” or anything specific to you. This is women’s genuine and baseline interest in men. They just don’t like the average guy that much.

But hard as it is to accept this reality, you must, because if you don’t you will do nothing short of destroy your life. Because whereas in the past a man’s sex drive is what drove him to become the best man he could be—providing for his family, protecting them, and ultimately building civilization—today it is your biggest weakness. Because while women no longer need you today, they’re not stupid enough to turn down any free help you’re willing to give them. And many know if they dangle the prospect of sex in front of you, you will provide them money, attention, and resources, essentially making you their part-time slave.

This has resulted in men playing a new game with outdated and life-destroying old rules. Women don’t need you, but still want a man who makes a lot of money. Women won’t give you sex, but will vote to take raise your taxes to pay for their deadbeat baby daddies’ kids. Women won’t date a plumber, but needs his money to bail them out of their liberal arts degree. And if you simply disagree with this slavery, you hate women and are a “misogynist”. Still, millions of men sign up for this indentured servitude because they might get laid.

Why Women Deserve Less merely makes the argument for this to stop. It highlights the ways in which women are benefiting unfairly at nearly every man’s expense. It explains how we are in a post-marriage society where the old-contract between the sexes is null and void, and men no longer need to uphold their end of that outdated contract. It eliminates the confusion women have caused the past four generations of men with a blunt and accurate assessment of women’s true interest in men. And it saves men from wasting their lives trying to form costly and risky relationships with women who, frankly, just aren’t that interested. Why Women Deserve Less opens every man’s eyes to the realities of the modern dating world so you don’t waste your lives like so many generations of men before us.

Do yourself a favor. Buy and listen to Why Women Deserve Less. Your life is just too short and too precious to waste.

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