Fire Prayers - John Ramirez

Fire Prayers

By John Ramirez

  • Release Date: 2023-03-07
  • Genre: Religion & Spirituality
  • © 2023 Charisma House

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Fire Prayers John Ramirez

Summary : Fire Prayers

Christians have an enemy who will do everything in his power to alter, edit, stop, delay, andabort their God-given destiny. Satan and his demonic kingdom have one purpose: to kill,steal, and destroy.The enemy does not want our God-ordained prophetic destiny to be fulfilled in this veryhour. This is why we need to pray like never before and arm ourselves with the arsenal ofheaven like the ambassadors and soldiers of the Lord we are. Fire Prayers will equip you topick up your weapons of warfare and fight the good fight of faith.Filled with powerful teachings, Fire Prayers will equip you with a spiritual warfare arsenalthat will leave Satan and his kingdom trembling and unable to manipulate, control, ordominate you; hinder your relationship with Jesus; or thwart your destiny.FEATURES AND BENEFITS: Readers will learn:? Prayer is the key for blocking the enemy' s attacks? Why it is so important to fight the kingdom of darkness? How they can live a life free of spiritual chains

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