Throttled(Dirty Air) - Lauren Asher

Throttled(Dirty Air)

By Lauren Asher

  • Release Date: 2023-01-31
  • Genre: Romance

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Throttled(Dirty Air) Lauren Asher

Summary : Throttled(Dirty Air)

What happens when my brother's rival becomes my secret crush?
Noah Slade is a Formula 1 legend in the making. Focused. Unapproachable. Ruthless on and off the track. A man with walls higher than the Grand Canyon. And my brother's new teammate.
I want more of the prince who disguises himself as the villain. But while I crave a happy ending, he wants to destroy his.
Maya Alatorre is a forbidden temptation. An ambitious post-grad I should stay far away from. And chaos wrapped with a bow.
We're a ticking time bomb, about one wrong move away from exploding. I want to trip the wire, detonating together in passion and pain.
Because in the end, all's fair in lust and war.
Contains mature themes.

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