InSideOut Coaching - Joe Ehrmann

InSideOut Coaching

By Joe Ehrmann

  • Release Date: 2011-08-01
  • Genre: Sports & Outdoors

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InSideOut Coaching Joe Ehrmann

Summary : InSideOut Coaching

Joe Ehrmann, a former NFL standout, is a dynamic motivational speaker and seminar leader, addressing audiences nationwide about the unparalleled platform, power, and position coaches have to transform their players' lives and impact families, schools, and communities. Recognized for his revolutionary concepts of teambuilding, mentoring, and coaching, he was named one of the "100 Most Influential Sports Educators in America" by the Institute for International Sport.
Ehrmann's coaching philosophy was described by Jeffrey Marx in the New York Times bestseller Season of Life, and since the publication of that book, thousands of coaches have looked to Joe for advice about putting his philosophy into practice. InSideOut Coaching provides the critical information and tools they've been waiting for-the information to help coaches everywhere create more meaningful experiences for themselves and maximize the impact on the lives of the athletes they coach.

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