Pembrick's Creaturepedia (Unabridged) - Andrew Peterson

Pembrick's Creaturepedia (Unabridged)

By Andrew Peterson

  • Release Date: 2022-08-09
  • Genre: Kids & Young Adults

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Pembrick's Creaturepedia (Unabridged) Andrew Peterson

Summary : Pembrick's Creaturepedia (Unabridged)

This detailed companion is essential to all who travel to the lands of Skree, and a must-have for all Wingfeather Saga fans. Now with all-new illustrations!

Sketcher, adventurer, disguiser, and sneaker Ollister B. Pembrick roamed all of Skree with a sketchbook and pen, searching behind every tree stump and under every stone, in every river and on every hill, to discover and document the endless living wonders of the Maker's world. He risked life and limb--quite literally--to compile sketches and details of the creatures of Skree, usually from the cover of a hollow log, a hedge, or a pile of leaves.

Refer to this carefully documented Creaturepedia before traversing through the Stony Mountains or harvesting fartichokes within a fortnight after a sandstorm. The drawings and field notes about squeeblins, toothy cows, oiples, and more will surely save any explorer's life and will definitely keep them--and their appendages--from being gobbled. Tread carefully, young adventurer. The creatures within are not to be trifled with.

*Includes a downloadable PDF of illustrations from the book

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