140 Must Know Meds: Demolish Nursing Pharmacology (Unabridged) - Jon Haws

140 Must Know Meds: Demolish Nursing Pharmacology (Unabridged)

By Jon Haws

  • Release Date: 2018-11-27
  • Genre: Science & Nature
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140 Must Know Meds: Demolish Nursing Pha Jon Haws

Summary : 140 Must Know Meds: Demolish Nursing Pharmacology (Unabridged)

Do you ever feel like learning Pharmacology is kinda like learning another language? 

You're not alone. In fact, I felt the same way in nursing school. Don't get me wrong, I loved Pharm. But, trying to keep thousands of medications, contraindications, and assessment information straight in my mind was, well...impossible. 

That's when I realized something. 

I didn't need to know EVERY medication. I needed to focus on the most important ones and really understand them well. 

So, I developed a list of the most commonly tested and prescribed medications. Then I pulled out the critical points to know about those meds. 

After working years in the ICU and precepting students all over the world . . . this is still my go-to list of medications. 

Pharmacology makes up 15 percent of the NCLEX® test plan. For many nurses medications and pharmacology can be a difficult subject. But not anymore! 

If you are ready to finally take your NCLEX® Pharmacology studies to the next level...this is the perfect book for you! With tons of information featuring the most vital facts about the most tested medications this audiobook for nursing students is a must have. 

In this book you will learn:
How to have confidence when distributing medications Nursing considerations for 140 of the most common medications How to differentiate between difficult medications How to be confident in pharmacology courses Learn how to ace nursing pharmacology 
This book essentially takes the guess work out of your studies and allows you to focus your valuable time on learning exactly what you NEED to know. 
Details nursing considerations in flash card format. The most important medications to learn. Obscure testable facts and nursing considerations for 140 medications.  Detailed outlines of some of the most common classes of meds.
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