SR-71, the Blackbird, Q&A (Unabridged) - Terry Pappas

SR-71, the Blackbird, Q&A (Unabridged)

By Terry Pappas

  • Release Date: 2015-07-29
  • Genre: Technology
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SR-71, the Blackbird, Q&A (Unabridged) Terry Pappas

Summary : SR-71, the Blackbird, Q&A (Unabridged)

Higher, farther, faster - what every real aviator aspires to. The SR-71 was the epitome of this dream for three decades. The only way to beat the SR-71 was to rocket into space, and every astronaut in the office with me in the 1960s would have loved to have flown the Blackbird. In many ways it placed greater demand on piloting proficiency than any spacecraft. Terry's book answers all those questions you ever had about the wonderful challenge of controlling an airplane, flying at 80,000 feet and more than three times the speed of sound for hours at a time.

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